Last modified: 27 October, 2018

ArbitralWomen conducts a Mentorship Programme annually whereby younger members or those with less experience (“Mentees”) are matched with more experienced members to act as their Mentors to provide advice and assistence in the smooth and proper development of their practice. This programme was the brainchild of Louise Barrington and has been in effect since 2006, currently under the Directorship of Karen Mills.

Full members who seek a Mentor, and those with considerable experience who are willing to take on a Mentee for a year, may submit an application form found on AW website (“Application”) before the end of July in any year and the assignments are generally made by the end of September, effective for a year from such date. The Application is in Word format and should be submitted electronically to Karen Mills at only.

Generally one or two Mentees will be assigned to each Mentor, if possible along geographical lines to enable easier contact. Occasionally if there are insufficient applications to act as Mentor some members may be contacted directly and requested to serve. In the rare event that there are insufficient Mentors, some Mentees may have to wait a further year, but will be given priority if they wish to apply in the following year.

All personal information provided on the applications are kept confidential, and shared with the Mentor only.

Once assigned a Mentor it is the responsibility of the Mentee to establish contact with her Mentor, although there is nothing to prevent the Mentor from making the first contact if she so wishes. The actual scope of the programme and relationship will be forged directly between the Mentor and Mentee, usually based upon the Mentee’s needs and interests, and need not be shared with anyone else. ArbiralWomen requires only that we be kept informed that contact has been made and is continuing, through a brief periodic report to the Mentorship Director indicating the progress of the relationship and the value they find in the programme, but no details need be shared. This regular feedback is essential for us to ascertain how valuable the programme may be to ArbitralWomen members. Continuation of the programme depends on such feedback. So far the feedback has been very positive, but not all participants have remembered to report.

Applications, as well as feedback forms, can be found on this page at the bottom and, when completed, should be sent to