Last modified: 29 May, 2020

Programme Objective

The objective of the ArbitralWomen Mentorship Programme is to match members of ArbitralWomen with expertise in dispute resolution (“Mentors”) with less experienced and aspiring practitioners (“Mentees”) to provide advice and help them to advance their careers in international dispute resolution.


In addition to helping to expand the talent pool of potential female general counsel, arbitrators, mediators, experts and lawyers in private practice, the ArbitralWomen Mentorship Programme has many other benefits:


  • Seek and receive advice and guidance critical to progressing their career in international dispute resolution
  • Broaden their knowledge of international dispute resolution
  • Enhance and expand their connections with female leaders in international dispute resolution
  • Gain knowledge and skills that help them in their daily working life
  • Receive tailored insights as to how they can achieve their professional goals


  • Develop the next generation of female leaders in international dispute resolution
  • Improve gender diversity in the future leadership of corporations, law firms and consulting companies
  • Enhance and expand their connections to junior female practitioners, arbitrators, mediators and experts
  • Develop a larger talent pool of potential female arbitrators, mediators and experts
  • Benefit from potential opportunities for reverse mentorship

How the Programme Works

The ArbitralWomen Mentorship Programme links experienced dispute resolution practitioners (general counsel, lawyers in private practice, mediators, arbitrators and experts) with talented, ambitious women with high potential, enabling the latter to benefit from the advice and experience of the former.

Applicants to the ArbitralWomen Mentorship Programme are matched with a Mentor from their jurisdiction, sector or professional background. When a match is confirmed, the mentoring partners meet regularly (such meetings need not be in person), at a frequency that is convenient for both for one year.

Applications must be made by 31 July in any calendar year. Assignments are generally made by the end of September, effective for a year from the date of assignment. Throughout their mentoring partnership the mentoring partners will review the Mentee’s goals together and the Mentor will provide insights, advice and guidance. The scope of the ArbitralWomen Mentorship Programme and relationship will be forged directly between the Mentor and Mentee, usually based upon the Mentee’s needs and interests.  The meetings are confidential.

At the end of each mentoring partnership, the Mentor and Mentee complete programme evaluations. The results of their evaluations are used to improve the programme year after year and increase its effectiveness.

Apply Now

The Programme is open to current members of ArbitralWomen. Apply here to be a Mentor or Mentee.
Apply to participate in the ArbitralWomen Mentoring Programme by completing the ArbitralWomen Mentorship Application Form. 
 Send your completed application form by the end of July in any calendar year.