Last modified: 14 July, 2019

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Each year ArbitralWomen provides support to a number of student teams to  participate in dispute resolution competitions by covering their registration fee. ArbitralWomen is proud to support teams competing in the Vis  ( or Vis East ( International Arbitration Moots and other international law and ADR moot competitions.

ArbitralWomen has published two special Newsletters on the Vis competitions, issue n°3 dated 11 May 2011 and issue n°14 dated 25 May 2015, with interviews, historical reports, reports from mooties and professionals.




Conditions for  funding:

  1. Any team requesting financial assistance must complete an application form: click here to download.
  2. ArbitralWomen Board will consider all applications and decide which team(s) shall be supported. The support available is through payment of the applicable registration fee. Payment will usually be made directly to the moot organisation on behalf of the funded team.
  3. Criteria of selection:
  • The team must reflect ArbitralWomen’s mission of promoting the participation of women in dispute resolution. Consequently, at least half of the members of a team must be women.
  • The team must demonstrate the need for financial assistance.
  • Priority will be given to teams:
  1. who have not previously participated, and whose school has not previously participated;
  2. who have no support from their universities or no coach;
  3. who come from emerging economies or jurisdictions which, in the sole discretion of the Board, are in the greatest need of support for the advancement of women in dispute resolution;
  4. of smaller number of students composing the team (for example 4 students as opposed to 8).

ArbitralWomen’s Policy on Funding Moot Competition Teams: click here to download.

Here is what past Mooties have said about the opportunity presented to them by paying their registration fee:

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  • …it was a tremendous educational event, a unique experience, and an occasion to see the professional world before graduating. We discovered a new world, as we made contacts with very impressive people.

  • You believed in us and encouraged us. Thanks to your support, we were strongly inspired to complete our memoranda and to participate in the Moot. We consider this to be a miracle and we worked hard to show our appreciation.

  • Our participation in the Hong Kong 7th Vis Moot turned out to be an unforgettable memory to all members of the team. In addition, we made friends and learned about other cultures. The Moot was a once-in-a-lifetime event for us. With the support of all those who helped, they made our dream come true.

  • Participating in the Moot was an invaluable experience. The Moot was the best place to learn the practice of international commercial arbitration and the art of advocacy, skills which we would never have been able to get from in-class learning. Throughout the tough oral rounds, we learned how to improve ourselves, address every question.

  • Thank you so much! None of this would have been possible without the support extended by ArbitralWomen. We had been turned down by so many firms in India and our only hope for any help was your organization. We hope to continue taking women ahead in the field in the future as well.

  • Thank you for contributing to the realization of our opportunity to compete against big names and in front of eminent law practitioners, so that our national flag waved at the event, so that we come to realize that coming from a less-developed nation does not necessarily make us any less competent. That, perhaps, is the biggest and most meaningful souvenir to take away.