Last modified: 15 November, 2023

ArbitralWomen membership’s validity is one year from the beginning of the month following payment, irrespective of the date of payment, with immediate access to the account. Example, if payment was made on 3 March 2023, annual membership validity starts on 1 April 2023, while access to the account starts on 3 March 2023. Applicants will be featured on our Member Directory upon approval of their applications.


150 €

    • Submit an application along with your CV, including information on your experience in alternative dispute resolution, and a photo.
    • Pay the Annual Membership Fee of 150 €.
    • If your firm has subscribed for Corporate Membership, let us know and complete an application without making the payment.
    • If five members from your firm are Members or intend to become Members, and your firm has not yet subscribed for Corporate Membership, encourage it to do so to benefit from the discounted rate and the visibility for your firm (see below).


650 €

ArbitralWomen Corporate Membership entitles firms to a discount on the cost of individual memberships. For 650 € annually (instead of 750), firms can designate up to 5 women based at any of the firms’ offices worldwide, and for each additional member a membership at the rate of 135 € (instead of 150).

Over 80 firms have so far subscribed for Corporate Membership, sometimes for up to 40 practitioners from their firms.

Click here to see the list.

To register women practitioners from your firm:

    • Provide the names of 5 or more women members of your firm practising in the ADR field, irrespective of where they are based. There is no limitation of number.
    • Have the designated members complete an individual application, without making a payment.
    • The rate of 135 € is also offered to individual members of the firm who join any time thereafter.
    • Any member of a firm having subscribed for Corporate Membership is entitled to the discounted rate of 135 €, regardless of whether her membership is covered by the firm or on her own budget.