Date Author Title Publication
23/05/2020 Naimeh Masumy The Arbitrability of Secondary Sanctions: A System with a Coherent Standard of Review
Kluwer Arbitration Blog
11/05/2020 Marlena Harutyunyan and Karim Boulmelh The Paris Court of Appeal confirms arbitrators’ application of UNIDROIT principles in the absence of a choice by the parties as a ruling in law
28/04/2020 Velislava Hristova The Border of Slovenia and Croatia – Where the CJEU Reached the Frontier of its Jurisdiction
Kluwer Arbitration Blog
26/04/2020 Mirèze Philippe Offline or Online? Virtual Hearings or ODR?
When we moved from snail mail to telex, and later to telefax and then to email, such changes did not create a buzz. This sudden viral outbreak may well be the triggering event that is...
08/04/2020 Naimeh Masumy The Shifting Landscape of Punitive Damages in Arbitration: Lessons Drawn from Common Law Jurisdictions,
YAR - Young Arbitration Review
08/04/2020 Lorena Guzmán-Díaz To Domestic Courts Worldwide: Here Is Why You Can Disregard the August 2018 Partial Award from The Hague, Netherlands in the Chevron-Ecuador Litigation
“To Domestic Courts Worldwide: Here is Why You Can Disregard the August 2018 Partial Award from The Hague, Netherlands in the Chevron-Ecuador Litigation” examines the Chevron-Ecuador litigation through a specific lens: It dissects and critiques...
ITA in Review
17/03/2020 Mirèze Philippe Walk the Talk – The ArbitralWomen Experience
Women in dispute resolution were a non-issue thirty years ago. No one in the business and the legal communities was concerned about their absence.  Many women and sometimes also men have invested a lot of...
Russian Arbitration Association Review
14/03/2020 Fatima Balfaqeeh The Status Quo vs. Coronavirus
The way we are currently conducting business is being challenged, and the ADR and legal community are not immune to these challenges. But I would like to pose the question, where is this challenge coming...
02/02/2020 Naimeh Masumy The Current Framework of Consolidation in Arbitration in Bosnia and Herzegovina: No Sustainability Without Reform
Kluwer Arbitration Blog
05/01/2020 Naimeh Masumy The Coming of Age of Institutional Arbitration Rules in Iran: An Analytic Overview of the ACIC Rules
Kluwer Arbitration Blog
01/01/2020 Mirèze Philippe Autant en emporte le vent…de l’arbitrage
This article was written in French. An English translation is uploaded here. It is a history about how the field of dispute resolution has evolved in the past 40 years. The author shares personal views...
Kluwer Law International
01/01/2020 Mirèze Philippe Gone with the Wind…of Arbitration
This article is the English translation of the article published in French “Autant en emporte le vent…de l’arbitrage”. It is a history about how the field of dispute resolution has evolved in the past 40...
31/12/2019 Mirèze Philippe What does it take to bring justice online?
Technology has revolutionized the world in the last century, although computation devices have existed for millennia and punched-card data processing for two centuries. After 70 years of progress in technology and telecommunications with all the...
International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution
26/11/2019 Niyati Ahuja USMCA: An Analysis of the Proposed ISDS Mechanism
The United States, Mexico, and Canada renegotiated the 25-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 2018. As a result of these renegotiations, the parties agreed on new terms to formulate “NAFTA 2.0” or the...
Kluwer Arbitration Blog and Young ICCA Blog
07/11/2019 Niyati Ahuja Sanctions vis-à-vis Blocking Measures and the Dilemma Faced by Arbitral Tribunals: Lessons Drawn From EU Blocking Regulation and U.S Extraterritorial Sanctions
The United States announced the reinstatement of sanctions on Iran in May 2018. Following that, the EU responded by revising their Blocking Regulation (Regulation 2271/96) in August 2018. The Blocking Regulation was designed to safeguard European entities from the...
Kluwer Arbitration Blog
01/11/2019 Affef Ben Mansour Commentaries of Articles 67, 68, 69 and 70 of the Washington Convention
17/08/2019 Velislava Hristova Bulgaria: Assignment of an Arbitration Clause – Is Debtor’s Consent Required?
01/08/2019 Linda Gerstel Stop ADR Diversity From Falling Through The Cracks: A General Counsel Checklist Manifesto , NYSBA, iNSIDE ( Spring Summer 2019)
26/07/2019 Cherine Foty The Impact of the Arab Spring on the International Arbitration Landscape
18/07/2019 Ava Borrasso FCIArb The Intersection of Corruption in International Arbitration and Discovery Pursuant to 28 USC § 1782
Kluwer Arbitration Blog
10/05/2019 Fatima Balfaqeeh The Journey of a UAE Young ADR Practitioner, what I learned so far…
There is a question that I get very frequently whenever I go to an ADR networking event, especially from people who are starting up, or this might be their first event to attend and they...
29/03/2019 ABA Podcast: Resolutions Ava Borrasso: A Conversation About Interim and Emergency Relief in Arbitration
23/03/2019 Fatima Balfaqeeh Mediation … a traditional dispute resolution method in the UAE!
The UAE have taken strides in recent years in establishing itself as a hub of International Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) tools, and that is by establishing reputable international free zone centers such as DIFC and...
22/03/2019 Amel Abdallah The role of the Capital Market Authority in protecting the insurance sector in Oman, Journal of Arts and Social Sciences [JASS], Vol 9, No.3, 2018
In 2004 the responsibilities of the insurance sector was transferred from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to the Capital Market Authority (CMA) in order to develop and restructure the legislative and regulatory nature of...
27/02/2019 Emily Horna Rodriguez Emily Horna
Adquisición de predios como principal factor de retraso en los proyectos de infraestructura bajo el régimen de asociación público privada (APP).
31/01/2019 Donna Ross Beware the Champagne Clause: When the Effervescence Fades, It May Just Be Pathological
Good drafting makes for good contracts and good business relationships. Yet these principles are often forgotten when it comes to drafting dispute resolution clauses. They are often an afterthought and an inopportune one at that,...
ADC Bulletin
30/01/2019 Ava Borrasso FCIArb Public Policy Defense Rarely Bars Arbitral Award Enforcement
26/01/2019 Linda Gerstel RBG and Jay-Z: a Twelve Step Recovery Plan for Increasing Diversity in ADR
31/12/2018 Karin Graf Berücksichtigung ausländischer Schiedsurteile in der Insolvenz – Lehren aus den Bundesgerichtsentscheiden in Sachen Swissair (in German)
When can a foreign arbitral award be enforced in Swiss insolvency proceedings against the insolvent defendant? This question arises because according to the provisions of the NYC, enforcement may be refused if the subject matter...
ASA Bulletin
19/12/2018 Alison Pearsall and Blandine Lepoutre French Offshore Wind in the European Energy Mix Transition
Article from: OGEL 5 (2018), in International Oil, Gas & Energy Dispute Management Introduction France has high potential to become a European leader in offshore wind with the largest coastal area in Europe and a...
Transnational Dispute Management (TDM)
18/12/2018 Maria Casoria Middle East Legal Insight: Bahrain Arbitration Law
03/12/2018 Catherine A. Rogers, Louise Barrington, Mirèze Philippe Join in the Campaign on Women Arbitrators: Co-sponsored by Arbitrator Intelligence and ArbitralWomen!
20/11/2018 Lucia Vernon Mediation – bringing the issues into view
16/11/2018 Ava Borrasso FCIArb Overview of U.S. Court Treatment of Interim Measures in Support of International Arbitration
YAR - Young Arbitration Review
01/11/2018 Mirèze Philippe Achieving Gender Equality on the ICC International Court of Arbitration – A Giant Step
ICC Dispute Resolution Court Bulletin