Date Author Title Publication
03/12/2018 Catherine A. Rogers, Louise Barrington, Mirèze Philippe Join in the Campaign on Women Arbitrators: Co-sponsored by Arbitrator Intelligence and ArbitralWomen!
20/11/2018 Lucia Vernon Mediation – bringing the issues into view
16/11/2018 Ava Borrasso FCIArb Overview of U.S. Court Treatment of Interim Measures in Support of International Arbitration
YAR - Young Arbitration Review
01/10/2018 Ava Borrasso FCIArb Recent US Court of Appeals Rulings on Interim Relief Pending International Arbitration Proceedings
International Bar Association, Arbitration Committee Newsletter; also Internaitonal Arbitration Law Review
29/09/2018 Courtney Kirkman-Gucuk and Can Talaz Turkey’s Court of Cassation Refuses to Enforce an Arbitration Agreement in English Based on a National Language Requirement
In a recent decision, Turkey’s Court of Cassation refused to enforce an arbitration clause in an English language contract between a Turkish party and a foreign party based on Turkey’s national language requirement for commercial...
Kluwer Arbitration Blog
10/07/2018 Aline Wey Speirs, Bernhard Lötscher Distinction_between_administrative_assistance_in_tax_matters_and_legal_assistance_in_criminal_matters
10/07/2018 Melissa Ordonez Anulación de los laudos CIADI – Variables de ajuste y margen de maniobra de los Comités ad hoc
Anuario Latinoamericano de Arbitraje
09/07/2018 Dilyara Nigmatullina Combining Mediation and Arbitration in International Commercial Dispute Resolution
Routledge Research in International Commercial Law
09/07/2018 Melissa Ordonez The International Chamber of Commerce launches new Expert Rules _ ARBlog
Hogan Lovells ArBlog
09/07/2018 Melissa Ordonez Late twist to the Commisimpex saga as French Supreme Court reverses its position on state immunity from prosecution
Hogan Lovells ArBlog
09/07/2018 Melissa Ordonez Jurisdiction and Admissibility – are we any closer to a line in the sand
Arbitration International
09/07/2018 Melissa Ordonez Somewhere beyond the seen_ Paris Court ofAppeal sets aside an award on the basis of serious indications of money laundering
26/06/2018 Lucia Vernon CDR-2849 Time Impact Analysis in Windows – Concurrency Analysis
Time Impact Analysis in Windows (TIA) is recognised as one of the most credible techniques for analysing construction delays according to AACEI MIP3.7 Recommended practice 29R-03. This type of analysis was used to produce a...
2018 AACE International Conference & Expo
22/06/2018 Courtney Kirkman-Gücük Fair and Equitable Treatment Methanex v. United States and the Narrowing Scope of NAFTA Article 1105
22/06/2018 Courtney Kirkman-Gücük ICC Rules
03/06/2018 Maria Casoria, Amina Saleh Women’s Role in International Commercial Arbitration Between Education and Legal Profession
01/06/2018 Verónica Sandler Solución de Controversias en PPP
Revista Argentina de Arbitraje, Nro. 2, IJ Editores
IBA Litigation News
06/04/2018 Ava Borrasso FCIArb U.S. District Courts Rule Consent Awards Fall Within New York Convention
Kluwer Arbitration Blog
24/03/2018 Christine Lecuyer-Thieffry List of publications CLT 20170823
12/03/2018 Melissa Ordonez Late twist to the Commisimpex saga as French Supreme Court reverses its position on state immunity from prosecution
Practical Law Arbitration Blog
06/03/2018 Inna Rozenberg Supreme Court Holds That the Federal Arbitration Act Overrides State Law Administrative Jurisdiction
Cleary Gottlieb Litigation & Arbitration Report (Feb. 2009)
05/03/2018 Inna Rozenberg The Supreme Court Clarifies Who Decides Whether an Agreement Containing an Arbitration Clause Is Valid
Cleary Gottlieb Litigation & Arbitration Report (April 2006)
01/03/2018 Affef Ben Mansour Reconnaissance : Ils en ont une énorme envie!, in DICTIONNAIRE DES IDEES REÇUES EN DROIT INTERNATIONAL, Pedone (2017).
28/02/2018 Olena Perepelynska, Alexey Anischenko, Kirill Laptev Арбитраж в Украине – что нужно знать практикующему юристу о МКАС при ТПП Украины
журнал «Юрист» [Беларусь], №2, 2018
28/02/2018 Olena Perepelynska, Krystyna Khripkova The 2018 ICAC Rules- Upgrade Of Procedure At The Main Arbitration Institution In Ukraine
LexisNexis® Mealey™ International Arbatration Report, Vol.33 #2 February, 2018
08/02/2018 Olena Perepelynska rbitration Reform in Ukraine- New Possibilities for Arbitration Users
CIS Arbitration Forum
06/02/2018 Karin Graf Switzerland – An excellent choice for arbitration
25/01/2018 Victoria Clark Not Qualified – The Lessons of TonicStar v Allianz
25/01/2018 Ava Borrasso FCIArb International Arbitration Will Keep Thriving Despite Trump Agenda
11/01/2018 Carol Mulcahy BLP_Arbitration_survey_2017
BLP International Arbitration Survey
11/01/2018 Nadine Lederer The UNCITRAL Technical Notes on Online Dispute Resolution – Paper Tiger or Game Changer
Kluwer Arbitration Blog and Young ICCA Blog
05/01/2018 Diana Garate Artículo para IUS 360 – Arbitrajes de infraestructura en el Perú (0451167xD865A)
04/01/2018 Lisa Beisteiner & Gerold Zeiler Expert view – European Gas Pricing Disputes
Corporate Dispute Resolution, May 2012
04/01/2018 Lisa Beisteiner [with Nueber] Effect of Austrian consumer protection laws on arbitration proceedings with entrepreneurs (Austrian Supreme Court)
PLC Update February 2014
01/01/2018 Carol Mulcahy Party Appointed Arbitrators
BLP International Arbitration