Young ArbitralWomen Practitioners (YAWP) Launches YAWP Inspire

9 July, 2019

We are excited to announce the official launch of YAWP Inspire by the Steering Committee of Young ArbitralWomen Practitioners! Following the conception of the idea by former YAWP Steering Committee member Ema Vidak-Gojkovic during the previous term, YAWP Inspire is now spearheaded by current YAWP Steering Committee member Cherine Foty.

What is YAWP Inspire?

  • A project to support younger members of the community by giving them a chance to hear first-hand from inspiring, successful arbitral women from jurisdictions around the world about the secret to their success and career tips.
  • An opportunity for younger colleagues to be advised, taught and mentored – even if remotely, and even if for only a few minutes.

How does YAWP Inspire work?

  • YAWP Inspire is almost like a podcast: it is comprised of audio-recorded short interviews where interviewed arbitral women answer a set of pre-selected questions. The audio file is then incorporated into a set of slides including the YAWP logo, brief information about the interviewee, her photo, and a written transcript of the interview questions.

The YAWP Inspire videos will be available for viewing on the ArbitralWomen website and on ArbitralWomen’s social media outlets.

What are the goals of YAWP Inspire?

  • To allow women leaders in the field to mentor younger colleagues through remote communication.
  • To inspire YAWP members to lead and excel.
  • To highlight accomplishments of notable ArbitralWomen members.

Stay tuned for the first audio-recorded interview, which will go live in a few weeks!