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Update on the CETA Pool: Uplifting News for Gender Diversity!

24 June, 2022

ArbitralWomen members have been following with interest the developments regarding the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada, the European Union and its Member States (CETA) to remedy the under-representation of women for roles in dispute settlement under Article 29 of the CETA.

Women around the world applauded when the European Commission became a signatory to the Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge (ERA Pledge) in December 2020. You can find the European Commission press release here.

Fast-forward to late June 2022: the European Commission demonstrates that it “walks the talk” regarding its commitment to improving gender diversity and the ERA Pledge, releasing an expanded pool of arbitrators that includes an increased number of women, many of whom are ArbitralWomen members.

More specifically, the European Commission published a pool of almost 400 individuals eligible for appointment in bilateral disputes under trade agreements with third countries as arbitrators and/or trade and sustainable development (TSD) experts. The expanded pool responds to demands from stakeholders and the European Parliament for a more transparent, independent, and inclusive process. Pool members come from diverse backgrounds and include legal practitioners and academics from around the world and across the EU.

The Commission will draw from the new pool to propose the appointment of arbitrators and TSD experts in specific cases, or for pre-agreed lists (rosters) under the relevant bilateral agreements with third countries. More information on this and the process by which the pool was created can be found here.

We congratulate all arbitrators and TSD experts included in the pool, including but not limited to the more than 15 ArbitralWomen members listed below (in alphabetical order):

  • Susan Ahern (Arbitrator)
  • Claudia Annacker (Arbitrator)
  • Krystle Baptista Serna (Arbitrator and TSD Expert)
  • Maria Beatriz Burghetto (Arbitrator)
  • Sofia Cozac (Arbitrator)
  • Michela D’Avino (Arbitrator)
  • Belen Olmos Giupponi (Arbitrator and TSD Expert)
  • Andrea Hulbert (Arbitrator Chair)
  • Jean Kalicki (Arbitrator Chair)
  • Louise Reilly (Arbitrator)
  • Nazareth Romero (Arbitrator and TSD Expert)
  • Monique Sasson (TSD Expert)
  • Ana Stanic (Arbitrator and TSD Expert)
  • Erica Stein (Arbitrator)
  • Deva Villanua (Arbitrator and TSD Expert)
  • Janet Whittaker (Arbitrator and TSD Expert and Arbitrator Chair)
  • Galina Zukova (Arbitrator)

We also congratulate the European Commission on this step forward for diversity.

Finally, we thank the many members of the international arbitration community who facilitated this progress and who continue to champion diversity in the field.