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The Campaign for Greener Arbitrations Appoints ArbitralWomen Members to Lead Global Steering Committee and Sub-Committees

9 December, 2021

The Campaign for Greener Arbitrations has newly constituted its Global Steering Committee and Sub-Committees for the 2022-2023 Term, spotlighting several ArbitralWomen members. The Campaign for Greener Arbitration is an initiative to reduce the environmental impact of international arbitrations by promoting awareness of the arbitration community’s carbon footprint and producing best practice guides and concise action for better environmental behaviors. The Global Steering Committee is led by ArbitralWomen member Lucy Greenwood, who founded the Campaign in 2019 as a “Green Pledge” which now has hundreds of signatories She has now taken on the role of President.

ArbitralWomen Board Member Cherine Foty and ArbitralWomen Member Christine Falcicchio have been appointed as Vice Presidents of the Global Steering Committee and serve under the direction of the President. Both Christine and Cherine were integral members of the working group which launched the Campaign’s Green Protocols on Earth Day in April earlier this year. The launch was covered in an article co-authored by Lucy, Christine, and Cherine on the Kluwer Arbitration Blog. Other board members of the Global Steering Committee include ArbitralWomen members Stephanie Collins (Law Firm Co-Liaison), Rebecca James (Research & Policy Co-Director), Maguelonne de Brugiere (Green Protocols Director), and Nicola Gare(Website and Social Media Co-Director).

In addition to the Global Steering Committee, the Campaign has announced that six regional sub-committees formed in the course of June 2021 are now fully operational. The regional sub-committees are led by 14 co-chairs and 4 vice-chairs, and have nearly 150 regional sub-committee members. The following ArbitralWomen members sit as chairs of regional sub-committees: Bronwyn Lincoln (Co-Chair of the Asia Pacific Sub-Committee), Nathalie Allen Prince (Co-Chair of the Europe Sub-Committee), and Antonia Birt (Co-Chair of the MENA Sub-Committee). In addition, the following ArbitralWomen members serve on regional sub-committees: ArbitralWomen President Dana MacGrath (North America Sub-Committee), ArbitralWomen Board Member Affef Ben Mansour (Africa Sub-Committee), ArbitralWomen Board Member Rekha Rangachari (North America Sub-Committee), and ArbitralWomen members Laura Keily (Asia Pacific Sub-Committee), Chloé Vialard (Asia Pacific Sub-Committee), Iuliana Iancu (Europe Sub-Committee), Charlotte Matthews (Europe Sub-Committee), Monika Diehl (Europe Sub-Committee), Patricia Snell (Europe Sub-Committee), Pamela McDonald (MENA Sub-Committee), Seema Bono (MENA Sub-Committee), Christine Falcicchio (North America Sub-Committee), Laurence Marquis (North America Sub-Committee), and Victoria Sahani (North America Sub-Committee). The Campaign also formalized five subject-matter sub-committees committed to further carrying forward the work of the Campaign. The following ArbitralWomen members sit on those sub-committees: ArbitralWomen Board Member Rekha Rangachari (Institution Sub-Committee) and ArbitralWomen members Nicola Peart (Green Protocols Sub-Committee), Sarah Vasani (Green Protocols Sub-Committee), and Charlotte Matthews (Website and Social Media Sub-Committee).

Click here to sign the Green Pledge.

Submitted by ArbitralWomen Board Member and Campaign for Greener Arbitration Vice President Cherine Foty