Date Author Title Publication
20/11/2018 Lucia Vernon Mediation – bringing the issues into view
16/11/2018 Ava Borrasso FCIArb Overview of U.S. Court Treatment of Interim Measures in Support of International Arbitration
YAR - Young Arbitration Review
01/11/2018 Mirèze Philippe Achieving Gender Equality on the ICC International Court of Arbitration – A Giant Step
ICC Dispute Resolution Court Bulletin
01/11/2018 Amel Abdallah The Role of Sharia In GCC Dispute Resolution ( Book Chapter) in Dispute Resolution in the Gulf GCC Approaches and Egyptian Influences, LexisNexis
What is Sharia Law? Difference between Sharia and Sharia Law. Islamic Sects and Schools of Jurisprudence. The role of Sharia in GCC States . GCC Flexible Interpretation.
01/10/2018 Ava Borrasso FCIArb Recent US Court of Appeals Rulings on Interim Relief Pending International Arbitration Proceedings
International Bar Association, Arbitration Committee Newsletter; also Internaitonal Arbitration Law Review
29/09/2018 Courtney Kirkman-Gucuk and Can Talaz Turkey’s Court of Cassation Refuses to Enforce an Arbitration Agreement in English Based on a National Language Requirement
In a recent decision, Turkey’s Court of Cassation refused to enforce an arbitration clause in an English language contract between a Turkish party and a foreign party based on Turkey’s national language requirement for commercial...
Kluwer Arbitration Blog
10/07/2018 Aline Wey Speirs, Bernhard Lötscher Distinction_between_administrative_assistance_in_tax_matters_and_legal_assistance_in_criminal_matters
10/07/2018 Melissa Ordonez Anulación de los laudos CIADI – Variables de ajuste y margen de maniobra de los Comités ad hoc
Anuario Latinoamericano de Arbitraje
09/07/2018 Dilyara Nigmatullina Combining Mediation and Arbitration in International Commercial Dispute Resolution
Routledge Research in International Commercial Law
09/07/2018 Melissa Ordonez The International Chamber of Commerce launches new Expert Rules _ ARBlog
Hogan Lovells ArBlog
09/07/2018 Melissa Ordonez Late twist to the Commisimpex saga as French Supreme Court reverses its position on state immunity from prosecution
Hogan Lovells ArBlog
09/07/2018 Melissa Ordonez Jurisdiction and Admissibility – are we any closer to a line in the sand
Arbitration International
09/07/2018 Melissa Ordonez Somewhere beyond the seen_ Paris Court ofAppeal sets aside an award on the basis of serious indications of money laundering
26/06/2018 Lucia Vernon CDR-2849 Time Impact Analysis in Windows – Concurrency Analysis
Time Impact Analysis in Windows (TIA) is recognised as one of the most credible techniques for analysing construction delays according to AACEI MIP3.7 Recommended practice 29R-03. This type of analysis was used to produce a...
2018 AACE International Conference & Expo
22/06/2018 Courtney Kirkman-Gücük Fair and Equitable Treatment Methanex v. United States and the Narrowing Scope of NAFTA Article 1105
22/06/2018 Courtney Kirkman-Gücük ICC Rules
03/06/2018 Maria Casoria, Amina Saleh Women’s Role in International Commercial Arbitration Between Education and Legal Profession
01/06/2018 Verónica Sandler Solución de Controversias en PPP
Revista Argentina de Arbitraje, Nro. 2, IJ Editores
IBA Litigation News
06/04/2018 Ava Borrasso FCIArb U.S. District Courts Rule Consent Awards Fall Within New York Convention
Kluwer Arbitration Blog
24/03/2018 Christine Lecuyer-Thieffry List of publications CLT 20170823
12/03/2018 Melissa Ordonez Late twist to the Commisimpex saga as French Supreme Court reverses its position on state immunity from prosecution
Practical Law Arbitration Blog
06/03/2018 Inna Rozenberg Supreme Court Holds That the Federal Arbitration Act Overrides State Law Administrative Jurisdiction
Cleary Gottlieb Litigation & Arbitration Report (Feb. 2009)
05/03/2018 Inna Rozenberg The Supreme Court Clarifies Who Decides Whether an Agreement Containing an Arbitration Clause Is Valid
Cleary Gottlieb Litigation & Arbitration Report (April 2006)
01/03/2018 Affef Ben Mansour Reconnaissance : Ils en ont une énorme envie!, in DICTIONNAIRE DES IDEES REÇUES EN DROIT INTERNATIONAL, Pedone (2017).
28/02/2018 Olena Perepelynska, Alexey Anischenko, Kirill Laptev Арбитраж в Украине – что нужно знать практикующему юристу о МКАС при ТПП Украины
журнал «Юрист» [Беларусь], №2, 2018
28/02/2018 Olena Perepelynska, Krystyna Khripkova The 2018 ICAC Rules- Upgrade Of Procedure At The Main Arbitration Institution In Ukraine
LexisNexis® Mealey™ International Arbatration Report, Vol.33 #2 February, 2018
08/02/2018 Olena Perepelynska rbitration Reform in Ukraine- New Possibilities for Arbitration Users
CIS Arbitration Forum
06/02/2018 Karin Graf Switzerland – An excellent choice for arbitration
25/01/2018 Victoria Clark Not Qualified – The Lessons of TonicStar v Allianz
25/01/2018 Ava Borrasso FCIArb International Arbitration Will Keep Thriving Despite Trump Agenda
11/01/2018 Carol Mulcahy BLP_Arbitration_survey_2017
BLP International Arbitration Survey
11/01/2018 Nadine Lederer The UNCITRAL Technical Notes on Online Dispute Resolution – Paper Tiger or Game Changer
Kluwer Arbitration Blog and Young ICCA Blog
09/01/2018 Linda Gerstel and John Feerick The Underutilization of Mediation in NewYork and What Should Be Done About it
New York Dispute Resolution LAwyer
05/01/2018 Diana Garate Artículo para IUS 360 – Arbitrajes de infraestructura en el Perú (0451167xD865A)
04/01/2018 Lisa Beisteiner & Gerold Zeiler Expert view – European Gas Pricing Disputes
Corporate Dispute Resolution, May 2012