Noor Kadhim

Noor Kadhim Launches Kadhims Ltd

11 March, 2022

Noor Kadhim has started her own consultancy firm Kadhims Ltd., effective 1 March 2022. Noor is an English law-qualified Solicitor Advocate with 14 years’ experience in dispute resolution. She has particular experience in litigation, arbitration, litigation funding, and art and cultural heritage. Prior to starting her own practice, Noor served as Deputy Counsel at the ICC Secretariat in Paris and as a case assessor for Vannin Capital, amongst other roles. She speaks English, French, Arabic, and basic Italian. Noor is a Member of the Advisory Board of the New York Center for Art Law, a Member of the IBA Sub-Committee on Art and Cultural Heritage, and a Guest Lecturer on Art Law at Queen Mary University.