myArbitration soon to feature even more female practitioners

22 May, 2022

In 2020, ArbitralWomen member Victoria Pernt founded the diversity initiative myArbitration – a video series about the world of arbitration featuring rising and prominent practitioners alike.

After two successful seasons, Victoria takes myArbitration even further: on 11/11/22, together with Season Three, myArbitration will launch a new interactive format to feature and connect even more female practitioners. The format has been created in collaboration with the arbitration community, supported by ArbitralWomen Board members Rebeca Mosquera and Amanda Lee.

The significance of myArbitration in bolstering equality and diversity in international arbitration was recognised by the community as the initiative was nominated and shortlisted for this year’s GAR Pledge Award.

myArbitration has been a rewarding and eye-opening experience“, says Victoria. “It is a great honor to showcase our community and raise awareness for diversity and our struggles. The more stories I hear, the more convinced I am of how important it is to share them and to speak up!”

To encourage and facilitate just that, myArbitration will soon call for contributions from all ArbitralWomen members (for details see

Meanwhile, myArbitration has been filming further interviews for Season Three – myArbitration RELOADED (see loading stations with launch date on photos above).

Much like the first two seasons, Season Three will feature prominent and rising arbitration practitioners, and specials about arbitration events and topics.

Season One tackled topics from gender and socio-economic diversity to mentoring and showcasing initiatives, with Mirèze Philippe, Gabrielle Nater-Bass, Amanda Lee, Crina Baltag, Chiann Bao, Gaëlle Filhol, Stefanie Pfisterer, Lucy Greenwood, Catherine Rogers, Milena Djordjevic, Eric Schwartz and others.

Season Two featured further outstanding members of the community from across the globe: Claudia Salomon, Sherlin Tung, Rebeca Mosquera and Nata Ghibradze (the first myArbitration co-host), John Fellas, Eduardo Zuleta, Friederike Schäfer, Hjordis Hjartardottir, Beka Injia, Sophie Tkemaladze, and Jaba Gvelebiani.

myArbitration co-host Nata Ghibradze encourages ArbitralWomen members to feature their home turfs as co-hosts: “Come join the terrific experience of myArbitration!

(Above, left to right: myArbitration co-hosts Nata Ghibradze and Victoria Pernt)

All episodes are available on and YouTube. For the latest updates, insights and BTS content, follow myArbitration on LinkedIn and Instagram.

ArbitralWomen congratulates myArbitration co-hosts on their inspiring initiative and wishes them continued success in Season 3!