• Corporate Membership


    ArbitralWomen Corporate Membership entitles firms to a discount on the cost of individual memberships. For €650 annually (instead of 750), firms can designate up to five individuals based at any of the firms’ offices worldwide, and for each additional member a membership at the rate of €135 (instead of 150).

    Over forty firms have so far subscribed a corporate membership, sometimes for up to 30 practitioners from their firms.

    • Member profile showcased under Find Practitioners.
    • Exposure and pubicity of the firm’s Practioner and  YAWP ( under 40) Members under:
      • Events for speakers at an event.
      • Publications if your members post articles.
      • AW-Kluwer Arbitration Blog for blog posts.
      •  News and Newsletters for member contributions.
    • Referrals of dispute resolution practitioners.
    • Networking with other women practitioners.


    To register women practitioners from your firm:

    • Provide the names of  5 or more members of your firm.
    • Have the designated members complete an individual application, without making a payment.
    • The AW year starts on 1 January and ends on 31 December no matter when you join.
    • The Annual Corporate Membership for 5 members is € 650 (instead of € 750).
    • A rate of € 135 is offered for each individual member from the firm thereafter (instead of € 150).
  • Individual Membership


    ArbitralWomen is the only prominent networking institution exclusively for women in dispute resolution. Its goal is to advance the interests of women in dispute resolution and enhance their involvement in the field. This goal is carried out through events, social gatherings, mentoring, and awards to enable female law students to participate in mooting competitions.

    The unique features of ArbitralWomen are the fact that it is the only organisation gathering female practitioners in dispute resolution and in any role, and that it is one of a very few websites which list details of potential practitioners,

    ArbitralWomen is globally recognised as the leading professional organisation forum for advancement of women in dispute resolution. your continued support will ensure that we can provide you with opportunities to grow your network and your visibility, with all the terrific work we have accomplished to date as reported in our Newsletters.

    • Member profile showcased under Find Practitioners
    • Exposure of  Members under:
      • Events for speakers at an event
      • Publications if members post articles
      • AW-Kluwer Arbitration Blog if members post blogs
      • Reports under News and Newsletters for members contributions at events or reporting about events
    • Referrals of dispute resolution practitioners
    • Networking with other women practitioners


    To register as a woman dispute resolution practitioner:

    • Complete an application and upload your CV and your photo.
    • Provide the name of the member who recommended you, otherwise indicate how you learned about AW.
      • The AW year starts on 1 January and ends on 31 December no matter when you join.
      • The Annual Membership Fees  € 150.
      • If you benefit from a Corporate Membership (you will be informed by email), complete an application without making the payment.