ICC UK Annual Arbitration & ADR Conference: Dispute resolution in a changing world, on 10 and 11 November 2022 – in London, UK – by Webinar

11 November, 2022

The International Chamber of Commerce United Kingdom welcomed participants and guests to its Annual Arbitration & ADR Conference: Dispute resolution in a changing world, held as a hybrid event on 10 and 11 December in London, UK.

The Annual Arbitration & ADR Conference brought together over 400 leading practitioners from across the globe to discuss the latest developments in international arbitration and ADR.  The numerous conference sessions examined many current and vital topics. The Arbitration Act reform, smart contracts, sanctions and international arbitration, interim measures within the arbitration process, dispute resolution in a turbulent world, and corruption in arbitration were some of the targeted issues.

Ana Stanič of E&A Law participated as a panelist in Webinar II: “Climate change meets international arbitration: a look ahead to 2030”. Crina Jessica Crow, Kai-Uve Karl, and Michelle Bradfield were panelists too, with  moderation provided by Ned Beale. The panelists recognized that against a backdrop of the growing commitment to transition to net-zero, the ever-increasing significance of the energy sector has never been higher. At the same time, as the required rapid and far-reaching transitioning gives rise to new investments and contracts, conflicts and disputes will inevitably follow.

Ana, internationally reputed for her expertise energy discussed energy transition arbitration cases as well as the impact the war in Ukraine and the sanctions on Russia are having on decarbonization goals.  Finally, Ana reflected on what might need to be addressed, and consequently changed, for international arbitration to meet the challenge of transition.

Ana Stanič

Submitted by Ana Stanič, ArbitralWomen member, Founder, E&A Law, London, UK