Helping Women Create Better Outcomes: Take Charge Negotiations™

22 March, 2019

Take Charge Negotiations™ is a consultancy that was founded by Erin Gleason to support women in negotiations through one-on-one consulting services and group training programs. Erin created this company after hearing too many stories from girlfriends, female clients and co-workers about how they are nervous about asking for things they’re clearly entitled to in business negotiations.

This new and innovative firm will provide bespoke trainings that emphasize the importance of strategic planning, risk management techniques, and skills development to help women thrive in negotiations. By familiarizing oneself with key techniques for better understanding the dynamics of a negotiation, and getting clear on priorities, you empower yourself and increase the likelihood of better outcomes.

More details about the original programming that Erin has created may be found on

Erin is an accomplished arbitrator and mediator and a member of ArbitralWomen. She has worked in the dispute resolution field for nearly 20 years and trained thousands of people on negotiation skills and techniques. She speaks regularly at conferences and community organizations about negotiation and the unique challenges that women face in these conversations. For more information on Take Charge Negotiations, please email Erin at

Take Charge Negotiations™ Brochure