Delos Launches a Global Survey for LONDAP, its Hearing and Conference Center in London

11 July, 2019

Delos has launched its latest initiative, known as “LONDAP”, which stands for “London Delos ADR Place” and concerns the creation of a hearing and conference centre in London for use by the international arbitration community.

Recently, Delos announced its Design Committee for LONDAP, chaired by Gary Born and ArbitralWomen member Anneliese Day QC. The Design Committee is comprised of a diverse group of arbitration experts, including several members of ArbitralWomen: Justin D’Agostino, Jose Astigarraga, Nigel Blackaby, Professor Daniel Cohen, Kate Davies, Alec Emmerson, Steven Finizio, Dr Hamid Gharavi, Douglas Jones AO, Elie Kleiman, Christopher Lau SC, Erin Miller Rankin, Reza Mohtashami QC, Gabrielle Nater-Bass, Anne Véronique Schlaepfer, John Terry, Baiju Vasani, Aimee-Jane Lee, Thomas Granier, Ziad Obeid and Mahesh Rai.

The Design Committee is launching a survey globally, encouraging the international arbitration community to share what their ideal hearing centre in London would be like. The survey can be accessed here and the deadline is 19 July 2019.