Celebrate International Women’s Day 2020 with 24 Women in Arbitration

“Careers In Arbitration” Celebrates International Women’s Day 2020 with 24 Women in Arbitration

12 March, 2020

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Careers in Arbitration, an initiative of ArbitralWomen Board Member Amanda Lee, launched its inaugural International Women’s Day campaign titled “24 Hours of Inspiration.

Careers in Arbitration is an electronic, web-based professional development resource created in response to the challenges faced by those aspiring to enter and excel in the field of international arbitration.

For its “24 Hours of Inspiration”, Careers in Arbitration featured twenty-four women in arbitration on LinkedIn and Twitter over a 24-hour period on 8 March 2020.  These 24 women explained who or what inspires them and shared their top tips for success in the field of international arbitration. The featured women hail from across the globe and offered uplifting insights in a day-long celebration of women in the field.

The campaign featured younger members of the international arbitration community, consistent with the mandate of Careers in Arbitration to facilitate the entry and welcome of new and younger faces into the field.

Women profiled in the 24 hour celebration included ArbitralWomen members Vanessa Alarcon Duvanel, Elizabeth Chan, Cherine Foty, Anna Guillard Sazhko, Srishti Jain, Jadranka Jakovic, Silvia Martínez, Naimeh Masumy, Trisha Mitra, Rebeca E. Mosquera, Nicola Swan, Sherlin Tung and Gretta Walters, together with Crina Baltag, Diana Gárate, Camilla Gambarini, Sadaff Habib, Madeline Kimei, Innhwa Kwon, Theominique Nottage, Mercy Okiro, Nania Owusu-Ankomah Sackey, Yael Ribco and Nhu-Hoang Tran Thang.

The campaign concluded with one last slice of inspiration from ArbitralWomen member Sally Kotb. The contributions are available here (the LinkedIn handle of #CareersinArbitration) and will find a permanent home on the Careers in Arbitration website when it launches later in 2020.