Careers in Arbitration Celebrates International Women’s Day 2022 with “Break the Bias: My Way” Campaign

Careers in Arbitration Celebrates International Women’s Day 2022 with “Break the Bias: My Way” Campaign

15 March, 2022

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Careers in Arbitration, founded by ArbitralWomen Board Member Amanda Lee, launched its third annual International Women’s Day campaign titled “Break the Bias: My Way.

Careers in Arbitration, a social media-based platform established with the goal of promoting diversity in arbitration by making it easier for arbitration enthusiasts, wherever they are based, to enter and excel in the field of international arbitration.

For “Break the Bias: My Way”, Careers in Arbitration shared the profiles of women in arbitration who have taken arbitration career paths that are less travelled, helping to inspire those are interested in alternative roles in the field and to ‘break the bias’ that a career in arbitration is limited to counsel work or practice as an arbitrator.

The campaign featured the career journeys of academics of different levels, experts, third party funders, tribunal secretaries, research assistants, stenographers, women occupying a wide range of institutional roles, legal tech professionals, and marketing professionals.

The campaign featured ArbitralWomen members Fahira Brodlija, Christiane Deniger, Susan Franck, Ayse Lowe, Camille Ramos-Klee, and Patricia Shaughnessy, together with Ericka E. Estrada S., Iolanda Ghica, Francoise Ingabire, Funmi Iyayi, Victoria Kigen, Niamh Leinwather, Carolina Pitta e Cunha, Clémence Prévot, Catherine Reeves, Misha Talwar, Lydia Tang, Rebecca Warder, Leah Willersdorf, Blerina Xheraj and Elina Zlatanska.

The posts are available on LinkedIn and will find a permanent home on Careers in Arbitration’s website in the future. Search for the hashtag #CiAMYWAY to read the career stories of all those who participated, to benefit from their top tips for a career in arbitration, and to learn about their sources of inspiration.

Submitted by Amanda J. Lee, Founder of Careers in Arbitration.