Barcelona International ADR Week Business Forum, On 25–27 October 2023, in La Llotja de Mar de Barcelona, Spain

6 November, 2023

Between 25 and 27 October 2023, the Consolat de Mar hosted the ‘Barcelona International ADR Week Business Forum’. ArbitralWomen member Ana Stanič (E&A Law Director)  moderated the opening panel during which the two gurus of mediation, Professor Dwight Golann, Research Professor at the University of California Law – San Francisco and Suffolk University (Boston) and Dr Gary Friedman, Director, Mediation Law Offices and Founder of Understanding in Conflict (California) demonstrated the advantages of mediation over arbitration.

On the same day, Ana co-led the workshop with Jonathan Lux, Barrister, mediator and arbitrator, comparing mediation and arbitration as mechanisms for resolving commercial disputes.

Left to right: Gary Friedman, Ana Stanic and Dwight Golann

Submitted by Ana Stanič, ArbitralWomen member, Founder, E&A Law, London, UK