Affef Ben Mansour

Affef Ben Mansour


Firm or Organisation
Affef Ben Mansour

Present Position
Independent Counsel and Arbitrator

Type of Practitioner
Academic, Arbitrator, Counsel, Lawyer, Researcher

french, tunisian

Country of Residence

Practice Areas
Administrative Law, Agency, Distribution, Franchising, Air & Space Law, Antitrust Law, Arbitration, Audiovisual, Media, Commercial Law, Competition, Construction, Engineering, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Domain names, DRB (Dispute resolution board), DAB (Dispute adjudication board), E-business, Employment, Energy, Natural Resources, Environment, Family Law, Finance, Banking, Hotel, Leisure management, Information, CommunicationTechnologies, Infrastructure, Insolvency, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Investment, Concession agreements, Joint Ventures, Consortia, Cooperation, Maritime Law, Mediation, Migration Law, ODR (Online dispute resolution), Oil, Gas, Mining, Public international Law, Real Estate, Sales, Purchases, Taxation, Technical expertise, Technology Transfer, Trade, Industry, Transport, Other

Advices and Representation in international arbitration proceedings (investment and commercial). Dr. Ben Mansour sits also as arbitrator and is a member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration (Tunisia). She is also member of the CRCICA, the OHADA and the Tashkent International Arbitration Centre panels of arbitrators.

Bar Admission

Doctorate in International Law with distinction

La mise en oeuvre des arrêts et des sentences des juridictions internationales (The Implementation of International Judgments and Awards of International Tribunals) (Larcier, 2011).

Settlement of International Economic Disputes (University Paris 13) - Investment Law in Emerging Countries (University Paris 13) - Enforcement of arbitral awards (University Paris X)

Other Information
Listed in the CRCICA, the Tashkent International Arbitration Centre, the CCJA-OHADA, the Delos Dispute Resolution, the Vienna International Arbitration Centre panels of arbitrators.

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Professional Address

75008 PARIS



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+33 (0)669403460

[email protected]



  • Arabic: Proficient
    • Conduct DR proceedings
    • Represent clients as an advocate in DR proceedings
    • Testify orally
    • Draft opinions, reports, agreements, decisions, orders or awards
    • Understand written documents
  • English: Proficient
    • Conduct DR proceedings
    • Represent clients as an advocate in DR proceedings
    • Testify orally
    • Draft opinions, reports, agreements, decisions, orders or awards
    • Understand written documents


Date Author Title Publication
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30/06/2020 Affef Ben Mansour Domestic Procedures for the Payment of Damages by States in Investment Arbitration
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08/02/2017 Affef Ben Mansour Commentary of the Judgment of the Council of State (Conseil d’Etat) on Navigator case, in A. Pellet et A. Miron (eds), LES GRANDS ARRETS DE LA JURISPRUDENCE FRANÇAISE DE DROIT INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC, Dalloz (2015).
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01/01/2013 Affef Ben Mansour La participation des Etats arabes à l’élaboration du droit international social (The Participation of Arab States in the Making of Social International Law), in Jean-Marc Thouvenin (ed.), DROIT INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL, Bruylant (2013).
01/10/2011 Affef Ben Mansour La mise en œuvre des arrêts et sentences des juridictions internationales
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