Arbitrator Intelligence Announces Launch of Arbitrator Intelligence Reports! 

15 July, 2020

 Arbitrator Intelligence, a global information aggregator that collects and analyses critical information about international arbitrator decision making, announced on 15 July 2020 that the first Arbitrator Intelligence Reports (Reports) are now available for sale via its website.

Arbitrator Intelligence, founded by ArbitralWomen member Catherine Rogers, has made its first Reports available for purchase by arbitration users. The subjects of the first Reports include a number of female arbitrators, including ArbitralWomen member Eva Kalnina, Eleonora Coelho, Ana Cecilia Mac Lean, Elisa Ortega Lopez, Mirjana Radovic and Daiga Zivtina.

Commenting on the launch, Catherine Rogers said “Beyond getting their first appointments, women arbitrators still face challenges in translating successful appointments into reputations for being effective arbitrators. Our Reports will be a springboard for developing those reputations and, as a result, helping to secure future appointments.

Each Report provides arbitration users with data-driven insights into the case management skills and decision making of an individual arbitrator, enabling parties to make better informed decisions about arbitrator selection case strategy. The information contained in each report is collected by Arbitrator Intelligence from parties, internal and external counsel, and third-party funders via its anonymous questionnaire (called the “Arbitrator Intelligence Questionnaire” or “AIQ”).

In 2018 ArbitralWomen and Arbitrator Intelligence co-sponsored the Campaign on Women Arbitrators, encouraging members of the arbitration community to complete an AIQ about female arbitrators. The insights provided in the resulting Reports will help to promote diversity and transparency by making information about lesser known diverse arbitrators widely available, enabling their reputations to develop.

The Reports are available now. Law firms, and corporate and state users of arbitration are entitled to join Arbitrator Intelligence as members and receive significant discounts on the price of Reports in return for providing data to Arbitrator Intelligence via AIQs. Membership is free and more information is available here.

Readers can help Arbitrator Intelligence to continue to provide the market with information about female arbitrators and further the cause of diversity by completing AIQs about them here.