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ArbitralWomen Members Should Consider Applying for the Role of President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration!

24 May, 2020

The ICC International Court of Arbitration (“ICC Court”) of the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”) is currently conducting a search for candidates for the position of President of the ICC Court, which will become vacant on 1 July 2021 upon the expiry of the second term of current President Alexis Mourre.

“The ICC is being completely transparent about its selection process,” commented Michael McIlwrath, Chair of the Governing Body for Dispute Resolution Services acting as Chair of the Selection Committee, “with the names of all of the members of the selection committee and the process, methods and timetable available on-line here.”

Applications are due by no later than 1 July 2020, although candidates are encouraged to submit their application as soon as possible in June 2020!

Applications must include a motivation letter with a detailed personal statement explaining the reasons why candidates believe they are a suitable President of the ICC Court, including their vision for the Presidency and future development of the ICC Court. More information about the application requirements are available on the ICC Court website here. We encourage all potential applicants to carefully review the requirements for candidates and the selection process set out in the Terms of Reference on the ICC Court website.

Criteria for candidates include:

  • International recognition as an arbitration practitioner of impeccable reputation and high professional ethics, with diverse and practical experience and familiarity with other ADR techniques;
  • No disciplinary or criminal sanctions (historic or ongoing);
  • Fluency in English; other language skills strongly desired;
  • Strong communication skills, including intercultural communication, as well as management skills and strategic sensitivity;
  • Availability and willingness to devote a very substantial part of time to the work as President of the ICC Court;
  • Availability and willingness to commit to a frequent presence at the ICC Headquarters and offices for ICC Court meetings and other ICC Court activities, as well as to ensure the desired proximity between the President of the ICC Court and the ICC Court Secretariat’s management and teams;
  • Availability and willingness, if required to do so, to serve for two consecutive terms;
  • Availability and willingness to travel frequently overseas, including long distances and for long periods of time;
  • Availability and willingness, as provided by the Rules, to discontinue participation in any capacity in any ICC case as from the beginning of the term of office;
  • Availability and willingness to commit to refrain from accepting any position, during tenure as President, in any institution or entity providing dispute resolution services or acting as arbitration funder, and refraining from holding any interest in any such institution;
  • Availability and willingness to commit to refrain from acting, during tenure as President, as counsel in investor/State arbitration proceedings.

We encourage anyone including ArbitralWomen members who satisfy these criteria to please consider applying for the position!