Victoria Pernt

ArbitralWomen Member Victoria Pernt Launches myArbitration

1 November, 2020

ArbitralWomen member Victoria Pernt has launched myArbitration, a series of short video interviews with people from the world of arbitration. The series provides a platform of prominent and rising practitioners, with the aim of making the field more accessible, equal and diverse. Interview subjects share their personal stories, views, and passion projects.

Discussing key challenges and developments, myArbitration raises awareness and promotes diversity (with a focus on gender, but also regional, racial and socio-economic diversity), transparency, sustainability, and other topical and important issues in international arbitration.

myArbitration videos will be posted and promoted on LinkedIn and YouTube

The first myArbitration video features ArbitralWomen Advisory Board member and former Vice President Gabrielle Nater-Bass. Her interview is available on LinkedIn and YouTube.

Upcoming interviews include prominent or rising female practitioners such as Mirèze Philippe, Gaëlle Filhol, Stefanie Pfisterer, Lucy Greenwood, Amanda Lee, Crina Baltag, Chiann Bao, Catherine Rogers, Milena Djordjevic, as well male practitioners Eric Schwartz, Michael McIlwrath and others. Interviews generally consider a balance of gender, regions, and in-person vs virtual interviews.

Follow myArbitration on LinkedIn and subscribe on YouTube for the latest updates. Many new interviews will be released over the coming weeks.

Many congratulations to Victoria for launching this exciting new series!