Last modified: 10 July, 2021

ArbitralWomen Diversity Toolkit tm - FAQ

What is ArbitralWomen Diversity Toolkit?

It is a unique training programme designed to help men and women see the role played by our ingrained biases and explore ways to address and overcome bias in ADR situations.

In our full-day seminar:

  • we examine the value that diversity brings to international dispute resolution
  • we see and understand bias in the workplace and in ourselves
  • we consider what we can do to overcome (?) bias and to progress towards diversity
  • we provide practical tips to develop your personal plan to promote diversity and inclusiveness

How will the Toolkit help me in my career?

It will help you have a broader sense of what can be accomplished if you are conscious of your own biases and those of others – and how to deal with them.

Who can organise an ArbitralWomen Diversity Toolkit training?

Anyone can arrange with ArbitralWomen for a presentation of the Toolkit by ArbitralWomen Certified Toolkit Trainers.  Law firms, arbitration institutions, corporations, educational groups – anyone who would like to gather a group of between 12 and 32 participants for the day.

Who can sign up for an ArbitralWomen Diversity Toolkit training?

Anyone – male or female – interested in dispute resolution and increasing diversity and inclusiveness in their workplace.

How many participants can there be in one session?

The ideal numbers for this participatory workshop are from 12 to 32 participants. If everyone is from the same organisation, it is important to include members of all levels of management.

How long does the training last?

The Toolkit training is 7.5 hours in total, not counting the lunch break.  It is possible to do the training in two sessions, for example on two consecutive evenings. However the sessions must be done in order, as the first half of the course is necessary in order to do the second half.

Can I become Toolkit Trainer?

Once you train in a Toolkit workshop, you have the possibility of training as a Certified Trainer so that you can, partnering with one other Certified Trainer, present the programme in your region.

Can we present the Toolkit for other law areas (non-dispute resolution)?

We can offer the Toolkit training to any organisations and companies who want to promote diversity in dispute resolution.  We can offer bespoke training to the personnel of one company, or to a group from many different organisations.

What is the cost of presenting the ArbitralWomen Diversity Toolkit?

The cost will vary according to circumstances. The host organisation is responsible to cover costs on site (venue, catering, administration, printing) and the travel costs, if any, of the Certified Toolkit Trainers (who usually work in pairs). The host organisation decides whether to charge admission or not.  If admission is charged, ArbitralWomen would usually expect to share in any surplus, once expenses are covered. Please contact us at [email protected] to get an estimate for your city.

Can I get continuing legal education credit for attending the ArbitralWomen Diversity Toolkit training?

Law societies and bar associations in many jurisdictions grant education credits, and/ or ethics credits for ArbitralWomen Diversity Toolkit. You should contact your local professional association for their requirements.