ArbitralWomen and Arbitrator Intelligence Formalise Collaboration by Signing Cooperation Agreement

ArbitralWomen and Arbitrator Intelligence Formalise Collaboration by Signing Cooperation Agreement

27 October, 2021

We are pleased to announce that ArbitralWomen and Arbitrator Intelligence formalised their longstanding relationship by entering into a Cooperation Agreement in October 2021.

The Cooperation Agreement was signed on behalf of ArbitralWomen by Dana MacGrath, ArbitralWomen President, and on behalf of Arbitrator Intelligence by Catherine Rogers, Founder and CEO of Arbitrator Intelligence.

ArbitralWomen and Arbitrator Intelligence

The Cooperation Agreement encourages collaboration on the organisation of dispute resolution-related events as well as providing support and promotion for events, projects, and initiatives.

“We are excited to formalise ArbitralWomen’s collaborative relationship with Arbitrator Intelligence and encourage the sharing of information about diverse arbitrators with Arbitrator Intelligence to increase the visibility and recognition of the many diverse arbitrators in international arbitration,” commented ArbitralWomen President Dana MacGrath. “Arbitrator Intelligence contributes significantly to raising the profile of diverse arbitrators and we share a common goal of promoting the visibility of qualified female arbitrators.”

Arbitrator Intelligence Founder and CEO Catherine Rogers commented, Given ArbitralWomen’s leadership in putting diversity on the agenda in international arbitration, we could not be prouder about the opportunity to work together with ArbitralWomen to improve informational resources about female and diverse arbitrators.

Arbitrator Intelligence’s 2021 Diversity Campaign banner

ArbitralWomen recently supported Arbitrator Intelligence’s 2021 Diversity Campaign, which encouraged members of the arbitration community to share feedback on diverse arbitrators and help them to turn places on shortlists into appointments.

As part of the Arbitrator Intelligence Diversity Campaign, ArbitralWomen President Dana MacGrath joined representatives of leading diversity organisations and arbitral institutions from across the globe for a webinar focusing on “Assessing and Resolving Disparities in Arbitrator Appointments.” A recording is available here.

Previously in 2018, ArbitralWomen and Arbitrator Intelligence co-sponsored the Campaign on Women Arbitrators, encouraging members of the arbitration community to complete a feedback questionnaire about female arbitrators.

The insights obtained from feedback provided to Arbitrator Intelligence are used to produce Reports that will help to promote diversity and transparency by making information about lesser-known diverse arbitrators widely available, enabling their reputations to develop.

Readers can help Arbitrator Intelligence to continue to provide the market with information about female arbitrators and further the cause of diversity by completing an online questionnaire about them here or by scheduling an appointment to provide feedback to a member of the Arbitrator Intelligence team here.

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