ARBinBRIEF: a practical arbitration video guide showcasing diverse arbitrator talent

29 November, 2021

ArbitralWomen is proud to support ARBinBRIEF, a new initiative that offers practical video guides on handpicked arbitration topics while showcasing diverse arbitrator talent.

The ARBinBRIEF series is divided into seasons consisting of 10 episodes each. Each episode features a 15-minute live conversation between two arbitrators that is recorded, followed by a (not-recorded) 15-minute audience Q&A. The number of “live” audience members is limited for each episode to allow for meaningful engagement with the speakers. The episodes air every fortnight on Wednesdays. The recorded conversation is then shared as part of a library of video guides on ARBinBRIEF’s YouTube Channel and the Delos Dispute Resolution’s website.

The first season of ARBinBrief launched in October 2021. Over the course of ten episodes in the first season, ARBinBRIEF moves through the lifecycle of an arbitration. The first four episodes focused on the early stages of an arbitration, where arbitrators’ decisions may have important implications for the rest of the arbitration. The decision-making stages discussed during the first four ARBinBRIEF episodes included:

    1. appointing arbitrators,
    2. immediate steps to take after being appointed as arbitrator,
    3. case management conferences, and
    4. drafting Procedural Order No. 1.


ARBinBRIEF participants

The ARBinBRIEF format of two arbitrators in conversation offers a unique opportunity to showcase arbitrator talent. These conversations give arbitrators not only the opportunity to share their relevant experience and demonstrate their presentation skills but also to give insight into their general approach in conducting arbitrations.

Arbitrators featured in episodes to date (including several ArbitralWomen members) are: Wendy Miles QC and Jennifer Bryant (Episode 1); Chiann Bao and Fatima Balfaqeeh (Episode 2); Preeti Bhagnani and Suzanne Rattray (Episode 3); Dana MacGrath and Krystle Baptista Serna (Episode 4).


ARBinBRIEF S1:E$ - Drafting Procedural Order no.1


Elizabeth Chan, a member of the founding ARBinBRIEF team, ArbitralWomen Board member, and member of the Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge Young Practitioners Subcommittee, said, “ARBinBRIEF is a fantastic resource for everyone in the arbitration community, whether they are arbitrators, counsel, parties, experts, academics or others, looking for a quick, go-to guide on how to conduct specific parts of the arbitral process. It’s also a chance to celebrate the diversity of the global arbitrator pool, as a step towards achieving more diverse arbitrator appointments. The first four episodes featured arbitrators from diverse regions, including North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.”

Ibukunoluwa Owa, another member of the ARBinBRIEF team observed, “ARBinBRIEF is a practical resource not just for young arbitrators but anyone conducting their first arbitration. For example, I enjoyed hearing Suzanne Rattray explain how the time management skills she gained as an engineer influenced how she conducts case management conferences efficiently.”

ArbitralWomen President Dana MacGrath commented, “ARBinBRIEF is a fantastic virtual platform for knowledge-sharing on specific arbitration issues through short interviews followed by a Q&A session. You can learn a significant amount and gain unique insights from experienced arbitrators in less than 30 minutes per episode. It is also a wonderful way to feature diverse talent in the arbitration field.”

To join the live audience for future ARBinBRIEF episodes, visit www, follow us on LinkedIn, subscribe on YouTube, and consult our video library hosted by Delos.

Submitted by the members of the ARBinBRIEF founding team: Elizabeth Chan, Nata Ghibradze, Dr. Nadja Harraschain, Olga Hamama, Emily Hay, Iuliana Iancu, Ibukunoluwa Owa, Dara Sahab, Olga Sendetska, Mrinalini Singh and Vanessa Zimmermann de Meireles.