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AmCham Peru Substantially Increases Number of Female Arbitrators on its Roster

5 April, 2020

The Court of the American Chamber of Commerce of Peru’s International Arbitration Centre, at the most recent meeting of its members, held virtually in March 2020, unanimously agreed to incorporate into its list of arbitrators 50 additional women: 15 Peruvian and 35 from other jurisdictions.

ArbitralWomen applauds AmCham Peru for this development and congratulates AmCham Peru for becoming the first arbitral institution in Latin America with a female majority among the members of its Court of Arbitration (previously reported by ArbitralWomen here), for AmCham Peru’s substantial increase in the number of women on its roster of arbitrators and for its nomination for the 2020 GAR Pledge Award.

Submitted by ArbitralWomen Board Member Maria Beatriz Burghetto, independent lawyer and arbitrator, Paris, France