ArbitralWomen is an international non-governmental organisation bringing together women practitioners active in international dispute resolution. The group has its origins in 1993 and expanded mainly since 2000. Today our network is a thousand strong, from all parts of the globe. Members come from all continents and from more than 40 countries.

We continue to advance the interests of
women 女人 mujeres femmes γυνή مرأة Frau vrouw donna mulheres kvinna
in dispute resolution.

We are proud of our work in promoting women in dispute resolution through events, social gatherings, mentoring, and sponsoring to assist women law students to participate in moot courts.

Browse and use our website to "Find a Practitioner" and locate arbitrators, mediators, experts, adjudicators, surveyors, facilitators, ombudswomen, forensic consultants, neutrals, lawyers and practitioners in your jurisdiction and/or field of business.

Young ArbitralWomen Practitioners (YAWP) the first young group for female practitioners only. YAWP provides a networking platform for women below the age of 40 who are seeking to address challenges arising in the early stages of their practice.

ArbitralWomen partners programme is meant to mutually cross-reference to partners, namely dispute resolution institutions, hearing centres, dispute resolution media, dispute resolution education programmes.

ArbitralWomen gender equality promotions comprise promoting pledges and charters launched by other organisations and groups, meant to promote women practitioners namely in dispute resolution but also more broadly in the legal and business fields.

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3rd ICC Asia Conference on International Arbitration

Attend this conference to keep up-to-date with the latest regional developments in international arbitration. read more.

Issue 21 - 04/04/2017

Our members have been achieving great things and raising awareness of ArbitralWomen through various promotions and events over the past few months. read more.

Global Pound Conference Series – Findings From 2016

The GPC Series 2016-2017 was initiated by the International Mediation Institute (“IMI”). It is an unprecedented, ambitious, innovative and global project that aims, through a series of conferences currently being held throughout the world and involving a broad range of dispute resolution stakeholders, to find out what dispute resolution users need and want and to shape the future of commercial dispute resolution. read more.

Our website is about and by ArbitralWomen but is open to everyone both to search for appropriate and qualified dispute resolution practitioners, and to benefit from the ideas and information offered.