upgraded our website membership page

Upgrade of ArbitralWomen Membership System

29 November, 2020

ArbitralWomen is delighted to share that we have upgraded our website membership page to offer a more user-friendly application and renewal process.

In order to renew membership or to apply for membership, click on LOGIN or APPLY NOW to be directed to a new page. Existing members will be asked to reset their password for security purposes. New joiners will be asked to complete either an individual membership application or a corporate membership application.

As the new year fast approaches, now is an excellent time to check whether it is time to renew membership and to update profiles to reflect full skillset and experience.

Increasing visibility by updating profiles

Members who update their member’s profile in our Members Directory increase their visibility and receive potential engagements and referrals.

The ArbitralWomen Multi-Criteria Selection Tool (available here) allows a tailored search of our members and their credentials based on various criteria, including for example geographical region, language fluency, and areas of expertise, as well as the (multiple) roles our members perform in dispute resolution. 

Publications are also an important demonstration of members’ expertise. Members are encouraged to take a few minutes to list them within their profile, and to upload them to the extent permitted by the publisher.

Benefits of ArbitralWomen membership

As a leading organisation promoting women and diversity in international dispute resolution, membership of ArbitralWomen continues to grow globally and gain increased stature and recognition.

We aim to maximise the benefits of ArbitralWomen membership for all members, irrespective of their age or level of experience, jurisdiction, or their role in dispute resolution.

Clients and counsel regularly visit ArbitralWomen’s website searching for dispute resolution practitioners in many roles and search our website for publications on specific topics.

The many benefits of ArbitralWomen membership include:

  • Searchability under Members Directory and Find Practitioners, enabling others to find profiles and potentially engage or refer work to members
  • Promotion of dispute resolution speaking engagements on our Events page and on social media
  • Visibility of articles, once added to the members’ profile, under Publications
  • Exposure in our periodic ArbitralWomen Newsletters through the inclusion of reports about the events
  • Exposure on our News page if members contribute a news article relating to diversity and dispute resolution
  • Recognition on our News about ArbitralWomen Members page of promotions, moves and professional achievements
  • Opportunities to publish articles on the Kluwer Arbitration Blog via ArbitralWomen’s section of and cooperation relationship with the Kluwer Arbitration Blog
  • Participation in ArbitralWomen’s Mentorship and Parental Mentorship programmes
  • Networking with other female practitioners, including virtual networking opportunities through ArbitralWomen Connect

Logistics of renewing or joining as an ArbitralWomen Member

  • Individual membership fee: 150 Euros
  • Corporate membership for 5 members: 650 Euros (instead of 750), and 135 Euros (instead of 150) for each additional member irrespective of where she is based.
  • Membership term: one year from the beginning of the month following payment, irrespective of the date of payment, with immediate access to the profile.

Join now: If you are not yet a member, join us now by selecting APPLY NOW.

Renew now: if your membership has lapsed or is about to expire, renew now by logging into your account.

  • If membership is still valid: no need to wait until the eve of membership expiry to renew. If members renew now (individually or as a corporate member), the membership renewal is effective from the date on which it would have expired, avoiding any lapse in membership.
  • If membership has expired: if members cannot find their name in our Members Directory, it is likely that membership has lapsed, they can connect to their profile to verify if they need to renew.
  • Corporate membership:
  • When members benefit from a corporate membership paid by their firm, their firm must renew for them.
  • When members’ firm subscribed a corporate membership, they can ask their firm to add them to the list of members whose membership fees are paid directly.
  • When members’ firm subscribed a corporate membership but the firm does not add them to the list of members whose membership fees are paid directly by the firm, they are entitled to a discounted rate of 135 Euros nonetheless, extended to all members of the firm.
  • When the firm has not yet subscribed a corporate membership, encourage it to do so and to include members from your firm, regardless of whether they are already ArbitralWomen members.

We value all of our members. Submit any questions to membership@arbitralwomen.org.

ArbitralWomen Membership Committee

Gaëlle Filhol, Rebeca Mosquera, Mirèze Philippe, Rose Rameau, Donna Ross