Date Author Title Publication
07/11/2006 Tina Wüstemann, Cesare Jermini 2711150726237
Commentary Swiss Rules of International Arbitration
01/11/2006 Edna Sussman 1409170920332
Oil Gas and Energy Law Intelligence
01/10/2006 Mirèze Philippe The Powers of the Arbitrator and of the ICC Court of Arbitration in Relation to their Jurisdiction
English translation of the article in French: Les pouvoirs de l’arbitre et de la Cour d’arbitrage de la CCI relatifs à leur compétence
Revue de l’arbitrage
01/10/2006 Mirèze Philippe NetCase: Keep going where progress leads you
The purpose of this symposium is to examine the role online dispute resolution (“ODR”) can play in enhancing worldwide understanding.  Thus, this article explores that role and describes the ICC’s latest contribution to the development...
University of Toledo Law Review
01/10/2006 Mirèze Philippe Les pouvoirs de l’arbitre et de la Cour d’arbitrage de la CCI relatifs à leur compétence
L’objet de cet article est de distinguer le rôle de la Cour internationale d’arbitrage de la CCI dans l’examen des clauses d’arbitrage, du rôle des arbitres désignés pour régler un litige. L’examen historique du pouvoir...
Revue de l’arbitrage
01/05/2006 Edna Sussman 609170928334
New York State Bar Journal
01/04/2006 Edna Sussman 5809170924333
International Bar Association Mediation Newsletter
27/03/2006 The Lawyer 4811002022427
Women in arbitration. Survey about women lawyers. Survey about female partners in law firms and about minorities.
The Lawyer
26/03/2006 Karen Mills 2310102659226
General Discussion on mediation and other ADR; Initially presented in Manila some years ago and updated for Hong Kong conference to which, unfortunately, I was in the end unable to attend.
ICC/Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre Symposium
06/01/2006 Women's Bar Association of the District of Columbia 3611002009425
Survey about women lawyers
Women''s Bar Association
30/10/2005 Karen Mills 2307092552667
Presented at World Summit on Information Society, Tunis, 2005.
01/05/2005 Jean Kalicki 207001415156
International Chamber of Commerce Members' Handbook
14/02/2005 Karen Mills 4310102632224
Paper delivered at inaugural conference in 2002, Updated to 2005.
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Malaysian Branch
31/01/2005 Karen Mills 2310102628223
ICC Conference, Singapore
01/01/2005 Karen Mills 110102654225
Common Questions and Answers on Arbitration, Chapter on Indonesia from International compendium.
Global Guide to Arbitration, 2005
01/10/2004 Mirèze Philippe Quels types de litiges portant sur la Propriété Intellectuelle sont soumis à l’arbitrage de la CCI?
Revue Libanaise de l’Arbitrage
01/07/2004 Michael Goldhaber 72217081344
Women in arbitration
01/05/2004 Jean Kalicki 107001416157
International Chamber of Commerce Members' Handbook
01/01/2004 Mirèze Philippe NetCase: A New ICC Arbitration Facility
ODR related Special Supplement on Using technology to resolve business disputes
ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin
01/01/2004 Mirèze Philippe NetCase : une nouvelle ressource pour l’arbitrage CCI
ODR related Supplément spécial sur la technologie au service du règlement des différends commerciaux
ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin
01/01/2004 Isabel Zivy 3301142519280
11/12/2003 Karen Mills 4510112615227
A critique of Indonesia’s recent regulation requiring the court to order mediation before hearing a case. This is slow to get off the ground as there are 292 Judicial Districts in Indonesia and there are...
International Bar Association, Arbitration Committee Newsletter; also Internaitonal Arbitration Law Review
02/12/2003 Women in law newsletter 3011002014426
Survey about women lawyers
01/12/2003 Gabrielle Nater-Bass 210141916206
DAJV Newsletter
05/11/2003 Mirèze Philippe Difficultés procédurales causées par les clauses compromissoires paritaires et les tribunaux arbitraux tronqués
Two-member arbitral tribunals, umpire, truncated tribunals.
Gazette du Palais, Les cahiers de l'arbitrage
24/09/2003 Oluwatosin Lewis CONFLICT MANAGEMENT OPTIONS
2nd National Seminar on Energy and Natural Resources
24/06/2003 Karen Mills 4907092548666
with Mirza A. Karim
KarimSyah Law Firm
01/12/2002 Gabrielle Nater-Bass 1210141910205
ASA Bulletin
01/11/2002 Servane Bonnet 2905212719132
Asia Bridge
01/10/2002 Claudia Salomon 405202743129
Mealey's International Arbitration Report
01/09/2002 Gabrielle Nater-Bass 3810141907204
ASA Bulletin
01/08/2002 Louise Barrington 100516215896
Mediation Newsletter
05/06/2002 Carla Potok 1405212703130
Gazette du Palais, Les cahiers de l'arbitrage
01/05/2002 Karen Mills 4510102622222
International Congress of Commercial Arbitrators, London
01/02/2002 Mirèze Philippe Where is everyone going with Online Dispute Resolution
Arbitration and IT facilities, survey groups for online dispute resolution mainly for consumer disputes, where do we stand and what can we do.
Revue de Droit des Affaires Internationales
31/10/2001 Mirèze Philippe Are specific fast-track arbitration rules necessary?
Arbitration in Air and Space Law including Telecommunications Activities, Peace Palace Papers, International Bureau of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, published by Kluwer Law International Today, ten years after the excitement generated by fast-track arbitrations...
Kluwer Law International