Date Author Title Publication
06/04/2009 Birgti Sambeth Glasner (co-author with Jeremy Lack) 1104221853910
Conference given at the First Annual Meeting of all Swiss Mediators members of the Swiss Lawyers Association
La Revue de l'Avocat
01/12/2008 Vilija Vaitkute Pavan, Liina Linsi, Daiga Zivtina (LAWIN) 2205162655935
In this publication, you will find a general overview of arbitration and information about the most important issues concerning arbitration in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
20/11/2008 Mirèze Philippe Women have a role to play in the Dispute Resolution World
Translation from the paper published in French
Les cahiers de droit et procédure: L''arbitrage face aux évolutions contemporaines
20/11/2008 Mireze Philippe Les femmes dans le monde de l’arbitrage
What has the evolution of women been in the world of law and arbitration? Is there a place for women in arbitration? What is the role of ArbitralWomen?
Les cahiers de droit et procédure: L''arbitrage face aux évolutions contemporaines
10/10/2008 Birgit Sambeth Glasner (co-author with Anne-Catherine Salberg) 5904221847909
Mediation manuel for the practitioner
La Gestion des conflits, Manuel pour le Practicien
01/10/2008 S.I. Strong 46111607431111
This article has been cited to the United States Supreme Court in briefs on the merits in Stolt-Nielsen SA v. AnimalFeeds Int”l Corp., which will be heard in December 2009.
30 University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law 1 (2008)
11/08/2008 Tina Wüstemann, Michelle Sindler 3408101136647
"Privilege Across Borders in Arbitration - Multi-jurisdictional Nightmare or Storm in a Teacup?"
01/08/2008 Jean Kalicki and Suzana Medeiros Investment Arbitration in Brazil
Arbitration International
26/06/2008 Birgit Sambeth Glasner 1204221843908
Text of a Conference at the Chambre of Commerce in Paris
01/06/2008 Mirèze Philippe De nouvelles évolutions pour ICC NetCase
ODR related
ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin
01/06/2008 Mirèze Philippe New upgrades to ICC NetCase
ODR related
01/05/2008 Edna Sussman 5206152435619
ILSA J. Intl & Comp. Law
10/03/2008 Tina Wüstemann 4603151055539
Arbitration of Trust Disputes
01/01/2008 Edna Sussman 606152430618
New York University Environmental Law Journal
26/11/2007 Gal-Or 4011212633445
Forthcoming also on the CBA ILS Newsletter and Women Lawyers Blog.
01/11/2007 Jonathan Frank and Julie Bédard 903180629534
Dispute Resolution Journal
14/10/2007 Global Arbitration Review 4311002040430
Survey about women in arbitration.
Global Arbitration Review
30/09/2007 Karen Mills 7092540665
30/09/2007 Karen Mills 7092544221
with Neil Kaplan
01/09/2007 Jean Kalicki and Suzana Medeiros Investment Arbitration In Brazil
Revista de Arbitragem e Mediacao (Arbitration and Media Law Review)
01/08/2007 Timothy G. Nelson and Julie Bédard 5810231233361
Overseas Defendants in Non-Hague Territory: Serving Process in the 130 Countries Outside the Convention
06/07/2007 Edna Sussman 1706152440620
Energy Law 360
01/07/2007 Jean Kalicki and Suzana Medeiros Fair, Equitable and Ambiguous – What is Fair and Equitable Treatment in International Investment Law
ICSID Review - Foreign Investment Law Journal
01/07/2007 Marco E. Schnabl and Julie Bédard 1910231238362
The Wrong Kind of "Interesting"
01/06/2007 Julie Bédard and Viren Mascarenhas 5710231246363
Sinochem: The U.S. Supreme Court Distinguishes Gulf Oil and Rules on the Convenience of Addressing Forum Non Conveniens First
01/06/2007 Timothy G. Nelson and Julie Bédard 4210231249364
Peruvian Bounty, Argentine Sanctuary: Latin American Encounters with the U.S. Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
27/03/2007 The Lawyer 911002027428
Rating law firms for female partners.
The Lawyer
01/02/2007 Julie Bédard and Viren Mascarenhas 10231255365
Comverse, Inc.: Methodological Issues In Anti-Suit Injunctions
01/01/2007 The Lawyer 5611002030429
Survey about women lawyers. Female Equity Partners 2006-2007.
The Lawyer
12/12/2006 Birgit Sambeth Glasner 4904221833907
A short view of mediation in Switzerland
IBA Mediation Newsletter 12.2006
07/11/2006 Jean Kalicki 4911201000239
Arbitration Review of the Americas 2007 (Global Arbitration Review)
07/11/2006 Tina Wüstemann, Cesare Jermini 2711150726237
Commentary Swiss Rules of International Arbitration
01/11/2006 Edna Sussman 1409170920332
Oil Gas and Energy Law Intelligence
01/10/2006 Mirèze Philippe The Powers of the Arbitrator and of the ICC Court of Arbitration in Relation to their Jurisdiction
English translation of the article in French: Les pouvoirs de l’arbitre et de la Cour d’arbitrage de la CCI relatifs à leur compétence
Revue de l’arbitrage
01/10/2006 Mirèze Philippe NetCase: Keep going where progress leads you
The purpose of this symposium is to examine the role online dispute resolution (“ODR”) can play in enhancing worldwide understanding.  Thus, this article explores that role and describes the ICC’s latest contribution to the development...
University of Toledo Law Review
01/10/2006 Mirèze Philippe Les pouvoirs de l’arbitre et de la Cour d’arbitrage de la CCI relatifs à leur compétence
L’objet de cet article est de distinguer le rôle de la Cour internationale d’arbitrage de la CCI dans l’examen des clauses d’arbitrage, du rôle des arbitres désignés pour régler un litige. L’examen historique du pouvoir...
Revue de l’arbitrage