Corporate Membership

650,00 on December 1st each year and a 650,00 sign-up fee



ArbitralWomen Corporate Membership entitles firms to a discount on the cost of individual memberships. For €650 annually (instead of 750), firms can designate up to five individuals based at any of the firms’ offices worldwide, and for each additional member a membership at the rate of €135 (instead of 150).

Over forty firms have so far subscribed a corporate membership, sometimes for up to 30 practitioners from their firms.

  • Member profile showcased under Find Practitioners.
  • Exposure and pubicity of the firm’s Practioner and  YAWP ( under 40) Members under:
    • Events for speakers at an event.
    • Publications if your members post articles.
    • AW-Kluwer Arbitration Blog for blog posts.
    •  News and Newsletters for member contributions.
  • Referrals of dispute resolution practitioners.
  • Networking with other women practitioners.


To register women practitioners from your firm:

  • Provide the names of  5 or more members of your firm.
  • Have the designated members complete an individual application, without making a payment.
  • The AW year starts on 1 January and ends on 31 December no matter when you join.
  • The Annual Corporate Membership for 5 members is € 650 (instead of € 750).
  • A rate of € 135 is offered for each individual member from the firm thereafter (instead of € 150).
Please note: you must have a minimum of 5 members to create a Corporate Membership account.
If you wish to register more than 5 members you can update this in the box below.

First payment: 1 December, 2019