Due to COVID, traditional M&A is needing new ideas and alternative structures to aid the deal and understand the new risks, potential disputes and funding for mergers & acquisitions. For this web forum we will go over essential issues on avoiding and dealing with disputes, understanding new risks and regulatory issues and merger control.  We will also look at regional differences as well as litigation funding with its potential benefits and risks associated with 3rd party funding.

Join us on Thu 26 November to listen to international experts share their expertise and experiences to companies in Asia, Middle East and globally to gain invaluable insight to companies going through the M&A process.

  • Event Details
  • Location: CET - Central European Time
  • Start Date: 26/11/2020 9:00 am
  • End Date: 26/11/2020 10:40 am
  • ArbitralWomen Participation: Ayse Lowe