Full day conference about India disputes, new regulatory challenges and future opportunities with leading practitioners and experts. Join the essential conversation about India disputes, new regulatory challenges, and future opportunities with leading practitioners and experts.


The Status of the Indian Disputes Market

  • New regulation in India and abroad since 2014
  • Involvement of other jurisdictions, and position of India to take some of that business back
  • Key Supreme Court decisions and recent case law
  • Impact of the May elections

New Insolvency Regime

  • Darius Khambata SC, One Essex Court, will examine the 2016 Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and its implications
  • Legacy of historic regulation and consolidation of previous law
  • National Company Law Tribunal and the passage of initial insolvency resolution orders; indicators for the industry?

Asset Recovery in India

  • Trends, recent developments, and challenges within the Indian jurisdiction
  • Exploring international opportunities for asset recovery
  • Indian corporates: a different ball game?
  • In India or not in India? Our panel debate where asset recovery should best take place

Institutional Arbitration & Third Party Funding

  • Status of institutional arbitration vs ad-hoc post-2018 regulation
  • Will the Arbitral Council of India encourage the growth of arbitration in India or is it a cause for concern? Our panel weighs the issues
  • Does TPF have a way forward in India? After the 2017 law in Singapore, would a similar law in India be of benefit?

Enforcement of Awards & Anti-Suit Injunctions

  • Attitude of Indian courts to enforcing international awards and judgements
  • Enforcing awards from London, Singapore & Dubai in India – and what challenges does that present?
  • Utilising and combating anti-suit injunctions; and exceptions to the rule
  • Recent case law and Supreme Court & High Court commentary on the use of anti-suit injunctions

What Lies Ahead: The Future of India Disputes

  • What’s next in the wake of the 2019 Indian elections and the fallout from Brexit?
  • Innovation in the sector and legal tech opportunities
  • Global challengers – what jurisdictions will play the largest role in the future of India Disputes?
  • Conservatism vs challenging the status quo – how can we engage the next generation?


The Bloomsbury,
London, UK

  • Event Details
  • Location: London
  • Start Date: 26/06/2019 8:30 am
  • End Date: 27/06/2019 5:00 pm
  • ArbitralWomen Participation: Aanchal Basur, Sherina Petit