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What is ICCA?

ICCA has official status as an NGO accredited by the United Nations. In that capacity, ICCA has participated actively in the preparation of the Arbitration Rules of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, the UNCITRAL Conciliation Rules and the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration.

The ICCA NGO consists of Governing Board Members and Members. Governing Board Members are recognised specialists in the field of dispute resolution. At present, there are 40 Governing Board Members and 38 Advisory Members coming from 35 different countries. ICCA is a membership-based organization with over 1000 members drawn from the ranks of dispute resolution specialists. All ICCA Members are entitled to membership benefits including listing in hard copy and electronic Membership Directories, discounts to ICCA publications and Congresses, and participation in ICCA project committees.

What is the ICCA Congress?

An ICCA Congress is held every second year for the presentation and discussion of papers on different aspects of international dispute resolution. These meetings attract a large number of participants from all parts of the world and have made significant contributions to the development of dispute resolution theory and practice.

The first ICCA Congress took place in Paris in 1961. Edinburgh is delighted to host the ICCA Congress in 2020 where over 1,000 delegate will be in attendance.

  • Event Details
  • Location: Edinburgh
  • Start Date: 01/02/2021 10:30 am
  • End Date: 04/02/2021 12:15 pm
  • ArbitralWomen Participation: Julie Bedard, Elizabeth Chan, Lucy Greenwood, Elena Gutierrez, Paula Hodges, Iuliana Iancu, Jean Kalicki, Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler, Carolyn Lamm, Carole Malinvaud, Emilia Onyema, Melissa Ordonez, Lindy Patterson, Lucy Reed, Maxi Scherer, Anke Sessler, Mallory Silberman, Naomi Tarawali, Janet Walker, Galina Zukova