Hong Kong Arbitration Week will take place as planned from 20 to 25 October 2019. The number of people currently registered for events is at the same level as this time in previous years. HKIAC will provide travel advice to those planning to attend if the circumstances so require at the relevant time.

20 October (Sunday)

  • Arbitrating with Chinese parties: understandings vs. misunderstandings
  • Arbitration in Russia & Asia: current market trends and further outlooks
  • KCAB International Seminar
  • Early conflict resolution – techniques taken from the civil law as an alternative for saving time & costs in international arbitration – a debate –
  • Sanctions in International Arbitration
  • Hong Kong Arbitration Week Opening Reception
  • Affiliated event:
  • Seminar hosted by Hong Kong Institute of Arbitration
  • Seminar hosted by Mumbai Centre for International Arbitration

21 October (Monday)

  • Emergency Arbitration, Interim Measures and Expedited Procedures
  • The safe, efficient and effective management of arbitration in a paperless world
  • Has the proliferation of institution rules caused international arbitration to lose its way?
  • The Use of Time Limits in International Arbitration: Help or Hindrance?
  • 4th Annual Harbour Lecture – Asia Pacific with Sophie Lamb QC
  • CMS Cocktails
  • Affiliated event: Seminar hosted by ICC

22 October (Tuesday)

  • ADR in Asia Conference: Arbitrating for Settlement
  • Hong Kong Arbitration Charity Ball
  • Hong Kong Arbitration Charity Ball Afterparty

23 October (Wednesday)

  • 9th Annual GAR Live Hong Kong
  • HK45 Annual Pub Quiz

24 October (Thursday)

  • ABA Asia-Pacific Forum: Strategies to Navigate the Life Cycle of a Cross-Border Deal (2 Days)
  • Who’s Who Legal: Future Leaders Arbitration Conference
  • Law Rocks Hong Kong

25 October (Friday)

  • ABA International Hong Kong Forum (Day 2)
  • Event Details
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Start Date: 20/10/2019 10:30 am
  • End Date: 25/10/2019 5:30 pm
  • ArbitralWomen Participation: Cheng Yee Khong