8 March 2017

Several events to celebrate the International Women’s Day took place around the world, like each year on March 8. Various organisations including the UN and organisations striving for gender parity contributed to the celebrations with a number of initiatives, namely conferences and celebrations, videos and podcasts. GQUAL , who launched a campaign in 2015 for gender equality in international tribunals and bodies, recorded a few interviews with women who undertook initiatives in favour of gender parity. This podcast is an interview with Mirèze Philippe on the work Arbitralwomen is doing to promote parity within arbitration, the importance of visibility and raising awareness about unconscious biases, and her optimism on what these calls for parity can achieve.

ArbitralWomen releases short video about the challenges women in arbitration face

3 January 2017

ArbitralWomen recently released a two-minute video portraying the obstacles that women lawyers face in arbitration and highlighting how AW is addressing these issues by challenging assumptions in the field. The video shows some of the milestones achieved as well as ingredients for success. The video has been entered into a National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) competition, in which organizations were invited to submit two-minute videos depicting “Women Lawyers Succeeding.” The video that receives the most views in January 2017 will win the competition.

You can access the video here


18 May 2016

The launch of the Equal Representation in Arbitration (ERA) Pledge on 18 May 2016 in London marks a historic moment in international arbitration. The Pledge is a call to the international dispute resolution community to commit to increase the number of female arbitrators on an equal opportunity basis. All players involved in dispute resolution are encouraged to sign the Pledge online on The Pledge has already been signed by several hundred individuals and organisations. The number of signatories coming from all parts of the world is increasing every day. Take the Pledge.

Click on the button below to see the videos recorded the day of the launch, including Sylvia Noury’s speech, and interviews with Justin D’Agostino, Juliet Blanch, Joanne Cross, Lucy Greenwood, Wendy Miles, Mirèze Philippe and Jackie van Haersolte-van Hof.

Interview of Rashda Rana by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators “Promoting the Work of Women in the Arbitration Community”

05 August 2015

Rashda Rana SC talks about the promotion of women in dispute resolution.

 You can access the video here