Summary procedures in international arbitration - making a long story short

This article explores the potential scope for summary procedures within international arbitration, including the new Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) Rules 2016, which include an express provision for the early dismissal of claims and defences, and Stockholm Chamber of Commerce's (SCC) draft revised rules, which include an express provision providing for summary procedures.

One Step Further after the Launch of the ERA Pledge: A Search Service for Female Arbitrators Appointments

As the international dispute resolution community has in general acknowledged the dearth of women representation on arbitrators and speakers panels and is committing to nominating more women, it would be a pity if practitioners are discouraged in case they do not find potential profiles and if they have no alternative. It is therefore essential to offer assistance for searching potential female arbitrators. In addition to ArbitralWomen which is a unique hub for finding female practitioners profiles through its ‘Find Practitioners’ feature on, a new hub is now available to people seeking assistance in finding profiles via the ‘Arbitrator Search’ tab on the Era Pledge website at